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The "Bryanismo" Newsletter

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The Pope of Chili Town
10 September
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Welcome to the Bryanismo Newsletter! This journal is a record of my thoughts and rants. I also tend to post about my son and occasionally about music that I really love (See my playlist below). I am currently undergoing some major renovations, the majority of which should be completed by October 2009, at which time I will post current pictures of myself for your amusement.

A Little More About Me:

Height: 5'9"
Weight: See weight loss ticker below
Ethnicity: I was born here, but my folks come from Ecuador
Languages: English, Spanish, Izzle, and a smattering of Leet
Current Occupation: Account Manager for a bank software company.
College: 4 year BS in Computer Science

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Music I currently love

Bacon is love.

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